China’s automotive industry’s triumphs from local to global

china automative industry triumphs from local to global

China boasts the world’s largest and most rapidly growing automotive market, leading globally in terms of both car sales and production. China’s automotive industry has stepped up expansion in 2023, with a growing emphasis on overseas markets. Chinese car brands like BYD have successfully established themselves in overseas markets such as Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle […]

Case Study: Daxue Consulting provides overseas customer satisfaction surveys for a large Chinese financial company

Daxue Consulting is a market research and management consulting firm and we have created the 7 Continents initiative to provide market research and consulting for Chinese brands going global. Our global market research for Chinese brands includes market sizing for any given region, competitor benchmarking, consumer research, mystery visiting to check local store performance, sensory […]

How Chinese brands like Uma Wang leverage Western fashion trends

The main changes in Western fashion trends are the rapid development of online fashion, a serious leap in environmental practices and the growth of the secondary clothing market. According to a global consumer study by Criteo, after the pandemic, new customers will remain with online clothes retailers with a 63% probability. Data Source: Criteo, During […]

Influencer marketing in the West: What Chinese brands should know

According to the State of Influencer Marketing 2021 report from the American company Klear, collaborations with influencers in the West in 2020 had 57% greater reach and impact than in 2019. The number of sponsored stories grew by 32%. Among influencer posts that use the hashtag #ad, Gen Z’s market share increased by 9% last […]

How to sell on AliExpress: Chinese brands can reach western consumers through this e-commerce platform

AliExpress or is an online retail service based in China, owned by Alibaba Group founded by Jack Ma. Alibaba Group includes Taobao (淘宝) a consumer-to-consumer e-commerce platform, Tmall, a business to consumer e-commerce platform, eTao a shopping search engine, and Alipay, the Chinese digital payment app.  Different from the aforementioned platforms, AliExpress’s target consumer […]

How can Chinese restaurants adapt to eating out behaviors in Europe?

The EU is home to 5.9% of the world’s population, 6.7% if we include the UK. Despite the relatively small proportion, Europe accounted for one-third of the global food service industry in value in 2019. Pre-COVID, Europe remained a stable market with +0.9% compound annual growth rate since 2014. This development is mainly driven by […]

The global expansion of the Chinese underwear brand, NEIWAI in the West

NEIWAI is an original Chinese lingerie brand that actively targets Western consumers. It was founded in 2012 and started growing alongside China’s ecommerce platforms. The Chinese underwear brand has become a pioneer of China’s body positivity movement, but the brand is making waves outside of China as well. In 2018 online growth rate of NEIWAI […]

Comparing Chinese and Western consumer habits

China’s economy has expanded rapidly and its middle-class has risen during these past years, resulting in a continuous change in their way of consuming. Some foreign brands are hesitant on how to enter the market successfully, mostly because they don’t understand Chinese consumers and their shopping habits. The same goes for Chinese companies that want […]

Shein’s market strategy: How the Chinese fashion brand is conquering the West

Shein is now the largest cross-border fast fashion e-commerce company in China. The e-commerce clothing brand reaches the consumer markets in the United States, France, Russia, Germany and over 200 other countries. According to Airnow Data, in 2021 Shein’s mobile app has exceeded 7 million active users a month in the US alone. According to Jing […]