C-beauty gone global: Behind Perfect Diary’s western market entry strategy

If you are looking for a brand that best represents the craze of C-beauty consumption in 2020, Perfect Diary has no rivals. Founded in 2017, the Chinese makeup brand Perfect Diary gained widespread support on social media, with its unique brand positioning “high-end quality at a lower price point”. Its products mainly range from lipsticks, […]

Case study: The sudden success of Florasis abroad

Searches for the Chinese beauty brand spike, but can distribution keep up? Founded in 2017, Florasis is a Chinese makeup brand brand affiliated to Hangzhou Yige Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. In Chinese language the brand name is pronounced Hua Xizi (花西子), which means “make up with flowers”. Florasis is among some of the rising domestic beauty brands in […]

How to sell on Amazon

The rapid growth of Amazon in the recent decade has attracted many local sellers to begin a business of their own on the e-commerce platform. Yet this trend is shifting with the rise of globalization as many foreign brands are targeting at Amazon as their first steps to conquer the western market. This article serves […]

Feiyue’s global success proves the demand for Chinese cultural exports

From the first registration of the Feiyue trademark in China in 1958, to 2006 when Patrice Bastian bought Feiyue’s trademark ownership in the European Union, and then to the renewed popularity of Dafu Feiyue after innovation by the inspiration of Culture Matters (CM), the Chinese street shoe brand’s road to international fame is anything but […]